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I began my filmmaking journey in my 30's, after many years of being a Theatre performer, Dancer and Music teacher. But thinking back, I have been dreaming up films scenes since I was a young child. Everything I have done from then on, feels like just preparation for creating films. Living in Hobart (coined 'Hobartwood' by Flickerfest Director, Bronwyn Kidd) I found the perfect setting for my new-found filmmaking passion. 

In 2013, I was one of three applicants selected to participate in Screen Tasmania's SilverScreen Program. This professional development program is designed to advance skill levels and achieve employment outcomes in the Film and Television industry.


I made my first film (All of Me)  in 2011 with a crew of three. Armed with my new Iphone 4, I stumbled my way through and harrassed many filmmakers to learn all I could from them. Since then I have worked on many films, taking on the role of First Assistant Director on the Screen Australia produced short films ''Little Lamb' (directed by Heidi Lee Douglas) and 'Blue Shirt, Green Tie' (Darren Swanson ), both screened on ABC2, as well as "I am Undone' by the award-winning Rebecca Thomson.  My most secent film, TITAN (Children's Live-Action/Animation) has screened on both ABC/ABCiView and will soon be making an appearance in teh air on Virgin Airways and Ravenous won 'Best Actress' at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.


I have two passions. The first is for making Children's films (For  both Pre-teens and Teens). Having been a teacher for 12yrs+, I have come to love their energy and imagination and I feel film is a good medium to explore  life's ups and downs, helping children understand  the harder issues in life, especially teenagers, who I feel are the most misunderstood and dismissed age groups by adults in general. My other passion is SciFi/Fantasy. From the Matrix , The Princess Bride, Galaxy Quest, District 9 to my favourite, What We Do in the Shadows, I can never get enough.


For me Story is everything.


I am currently writing a Dark Animation Feature, a A futuristic Scifi Political Drama and  working on post-production of  TIKOLOSI.


I've just moved to London, UK and am looking forward to making new connections and starting new projects!


Photographer: Oliver Berlin

“It always seems impossible until it's done.”

Nelson Mandela

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